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Letter from the Head of House

  College is where you find your people. That’s what I was told. That’s the idea I kept in the back of my mind to convince myself that leaving my friends from high school was the right decision. Despite this, after my first semester at UNC I was hesitant to return and doubtful if I even had a place on campus. That’s when I found Sigma Phi.
  Sigma Phi has brothers from all over the world, studying in numerous departments and active in dozens of campus groups. We hold the highest GPA of any Greek organization and our brothers include artists, athletes, and activists. We are committed to fostering an open, inclusive space through our diverse membership and by inviting friends from all parts of campus. We work to combat sexual assault within the Greek community and challenge traditional notions of fraternity culture.
  As a first-year, I joined knowing fraternity stereotypes, but also knowing that Sigma Phi was different. The more I got to know the brothers the more I enjoyed it, and I was surprised to find an immense focus on my personal development. By the end of the semester, I knew I had found my best friends. Joining this brotherhood has been the greatest decision of my college career, and I hope that you can say the same.

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*Meet at the old well for pick-up 20 mins before listed time

  • Saturday, 8/26: Taco Truck (5:00pm @ 703 N Columbia St)
  • Sunday, 8/27: Eno Quarry (3:00pm @ Eno Quarry, NC)
  • Monday, 8/28: Open House - Jams & Games (6:00pm @ 703 N Columbia St)
  • Wednesday, 8/30: Interviews (5:00pm @ 3 Cobb Terrace)
  • Friday, 9/1: Bonfire (8:00pm @ 3 Cobb Terrace)

*must attend at least 3 events to be considered for a bid

Rush Chair: Eric Lee (636) 459-7211

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